One Common Sense Advise on Metal Hip Replacement Allergy

Wright Hip LawsuitIf a patient who had a metal hip replacement is suffering from daily discomforts such as itching, migraines, and pain in the whole body, he might want to have himself checked by an allergist. Also, if he is due for a hip replacement, he might as well have himself tested for any allergic reaction before heading to the operating room because a metal hip replacement might not be a good option for him. According to online news reports, there have been a lot of cases of patients suffering from side effects of metal hip implants, some of which are very disturbing. Concerns over a hip replacement side effects cannot be ignored. A person’s quality of life is at stake. Consequently, the growing concern of patients leads them to filing a Wright Hip Lawsuit, against the manufacturers of the subject metal hip replacement devices.

In one of the cases that have been documented, a patient was reportedly suffering from itching, migraines, and pain in her body years after she had a bilateral hip replacement surgery. She claimed that she has been enduring the discomforts for two long years until she received professional advice that her allergy-type symptoms may probably be due to her hip implant. Hence, she had herself checked by an Allergy Specialist, and was diagnosed of having an allergic reaction from the metal components of the implant, particularly from cobalt. Moreover, it was also discovered during the test that the metal alloy of the patient’s hip implant differs from each hip, and only one of her hip implants was causing her the troubles. Her doctor informed her that one of her metal hip had been damaged, and was releasing metal shavings into her bloodstream; thus, causing her to suffer pain and manifest allergic reactions. The patient never again had her allergy symptoms after the damaged hip implant had been replaced with a ceramic one.

Nobody wants to experience the same condition this particular patient had. If one decides to have a metal hip implant, it is advisable to have himself checked for any allergic reaction from his or her  metal-on-metal hip implant.  Most likely, there will be more people in the future who may want to consider having a hip implant. The current young population today will grow old, and one day a hip replacement may be the only option for their hip problem. There could be no better way to have a safer procedure in having a hip implant than by having themselves checked before they undergo a hip implant. It is common sense that both patient and attending surgeon find out first that an implant recipient could have an allergic reaction to the implant component he or she is set to receive.

The concerns of the patients who have suffered adverse effects from metal hip implants cannot be set aside. That is why there are personal injury law firms that have set up websites in order for them to reach out and assist patients who may consider filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Wright Hip. One of these law firm websites is the Rottenstein Law Group’s

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