Some Information One Might Consider In Filing a DES Lawsuit

Filing a DES LawsuitDES (diethylstilbestrol) is purportedly the first synthetic estrogen. It was prescribed to pregnant women in the hopes that it would prevent miscarriages and premature deliveries. It was first introduced between the year 1938 and 1971. It was not necessarily limited on these years.  At one time DES was considered as the standard of care for problem pregnancy. One of the major producers of this drug is Eli Lilly. Based on reports and evidence coming from patients, the drug showed devastating effects on the mothers who took the medicine, as well as exposing their conceived child to some potential risk. Moreover due to this unfortunate circumstance, there has been a lot of DES Lawsuit filed against the manufacturer lodged in court for personal injury.

The drug has a blast when it was launched with a big sales force and was even advertised in a medical journal.  At that time the drug was not yet given a patent and was marketed using many different brand names.  It gained recognition because of its effective advertising campaign and was widely prescribe during its launch in the US.  Needless to say it was not just given as a prescription drug but was also given to pregnant women as a prenatal vitamin. In a sense, it was placed in a platform that could endanger pregnant women during its heydays.

In some distant case, the drug reportedly was traced to be responsible in causing vaginal or cervical cancer in young women. In one particular case, a woman disclosed that she was prescribed to take DES during her pregnancy. This woman believes that it was DES that caused her the malady. Ultimately, her claim seem to have some basis as reports of DES side effects started to come in.

In November 1971, The FDA advised doctors to stop prescribing DES to their pregnant patients. However there was no communication from the FDA to ban it. It was just particularly stated that DES was contraindicated for use in pregnancy. The doctors did not mind the directive coming from the FDA. Until then the drug was still prescribed internationally. Finally, in September of 2000, the use of DES for humans was no longer approved by the FDA due to the alarming effects of the drug. In one way or the other, the FDA is convinced of the adverse effect of the drug to pregnant women and how dangerous it could be to a growing fetus.

There are also studies conducted to check if the drug has an extended effect on grandchildren from grandmothers who took the drug during their pregnancy. The studies are still in progress.

If you are a victim or a loved-one of a patient has suffered, or is suffering, any damages or health issues linked to DES, you can check more online related information about DES from websites set up by some personal injury law firms. While visiting these websites, one of which is the New York based law firm Rottenstein Law Group’s, you might as well get an evaluation for a possible case against the manufacturer of DES. A lawsuit against the manufacturer of DES for compensation could help minimize some burden to a certain extent.

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